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Air Cannons / Spud Cannons / Paintball Cannon

Visit my Air / Spud / Paintball Cannon page . It features the  Devastator-II Paintball Canon as well as the new Valve Type and Turbo-Charging Sprinkler Valves page. .I also have a number of other canons, including "Big Bertha". Picture galleries of all can be viewed on the Dead By Dawn Tech, and various game gallery pages.


Visit my Model & High Power  Rocketry Page . I built a Public Missiles Black Brant VB for my HPR Level 1 Certification attempt. I have developed a CD Ignitor . I am working  on " Candy Rocket " propelant characterization using an Instrumented Load Cell. I also enjoy Water Rockets and my son enjoys Stomp Rockets.


Visit my Pyrotechnics Page . Right now I mostly make small bottle rockets; I'd like to start making some small display shells.


We are gathering resources right now - with a target of building a Paintball Robot for our team - paintball scenario game team Dead By Dawn
Visit our DeadBot paintball robot project page


A most excellent electronics links page and I have a cached copy here because it's such a good page!

Here's an Industrial Surplus center I've used. No web site, but nice, and nice catalog. Lots of hydraulics, vacuum, industrial. Burden's Surplus Center in Lincoln NE 800-488-3407

Electronic and commercial scientific surplus:

More mechanical stuff:

The Robot page has a nice robotic links page with surplus as well.