Hypertek Control Equipment Pinout

For compatability and adaption purposes I'm ferreting out the Hypertek equipment plug pinout.

It uses a single extension cable for control and power of fill, dump, and fire. With three wires in the extension cord some trickery is required.

Hypertek control box cable pinout

Control pigtail socket
Silver - Neutral - broad blade

Gold - Hot - narrow blade
Round ground pin


These three wires feed control voltages to a breakout box at the pad. These break out to the for sockets - Fill Solenoid, Dump Solenoid, GOX solenoid, Spark unit.

HyperTEK Lauch Pad Box Polarities Sketch
Here is the original sketch of the HyperTEK pad box outlet connections and polarities

HyperTEK Launch Pad Box Schematic
Here is the original sketch of the internal schematic of the HyperTEK pad box. Includes Solenoid Saver Values.

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